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Industrial rubber roller tech products are essential cylindrical tools made of steel and covered with rubber. These rollers excel in various applications and play a key role in diverse manufacturing processes; from facilitating smooth material transport in conveyor systems to ensuring precise ink transfer in printing presses. They contribute to laminating processes, guide and control materials in paper and textile manufacturing, aid in shaping and cutting during material handling, and play a crucial role in printing, packaging, web handling, and metal processing. Their elasticity, durability, and consistent pressure make them indispensable in enhancing efficiency and precision across industries, from printing and packaging to metalworking and material handling.

Industrial rubber rollers

Upon the request of our customers we produce various rubber roller coverings. Our rubber rollers are designed and manufactured to meet the mechanical, thermal and chemical requirements of your production process. The material depends on the intended usage and on the actual strain that the rollers are subject to.

Our 30 years of industry experience and due expertise profile enable us to choose the most suitable material for your aimed applications. We offer a wide variety of innovative and special polymer-based rubber compounds. Our rollers can be classified into different categories based on their specific application, including: furniture rollers, printing rollers, steel production rollers, conveyance rollers, laminate and film coating rollers, textile industry rollers, food packaging rollers, etc.

Custom rollers

If there is a roller tech product you had in mind, but you cannot find it listed among our products, do not worry! We also produce custom rubber rollers that can meet all of your requirements. Please contact us and let us know what you need so we can give you a quote.



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