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In the mining industry, rubber mine tech products such as rings, disks, mill liners, screening media, conveyor belts, and drums are indispensable for their crucial roles in
ensuring smooth operations. These mine tech products, designed to absorb shocks, protect equipment, and facilitate material flow, adhere to stringent requirements for durability and reliability. From resilient mill liners guarding against abrasion to elastic screening media optimizing material sorting, each element, whether simple or robust, meets the exacting standards demanded by the dynamic and challenging environment of mining operations.

Within our Mine Tech products, we include:

▪ Massive rubber products
▪ Polyurethane products
▪ Rubber rings and disks
▪ Rubber mill liners
▪ Screening media
▪ Rubber conveyor drums

Massive rubber products

Utilizing our advanced equipment, we have the capability to produce a variety of heavyweight rubber products. Our offerings include massive rubber goods with a weight exceeding 50 kg. The rubber compound can undergo vulcanization through sulfur, peroxide, or a mixed vulcanization system. Additionally, the rubber product can be reinforced with both metal and textile materials for enhanced durability and performance.

Polyurethane products

In 2020, Tehnoguma – Nikolov, Ltd. – Shtip introduced a new facility dedicated to the manufacturing of diverse cast polyurethane parts tailored for industrial applications. We specialize in casting urethane products with Shore hardness ranging from 20A to 75D, offering flexibility in shapes, sizes,
and colors.

Rubber rings and disks

Our manufacturing process for rubber rings and disks provides the flexibility to utilize various rubber compounds or polyurethane, each endowed with unique properties. This allows us to precisely tailor the characteristics of the rings, ensuring they meet the diverse and specific requirements of our customers.

Rubber mill liners

Rubber mill liners at Tehnoguma – Nikolov, Ltd. – Shtip are customized to meet specific customer requirements, guided by their supervision throughout the process and receive the best mine tech product. The selection of rubber linings’ thickness is carefully done to ensure prolonged durability, considering the potential for increasing mill capacity.

Tehnoguma – Nikolov, Ltd. – Shtip tailors the quality and thickness of rubber liners based on the unique requirements of each purpose. For mill lining rubbers and components, the choice of rubber and its shape depends on grinding and process parameters. The mill lining can either consist of rubber liners alone or a combination of a steel top and rubber liners for optimal performance.

Screening media

Top-quality screen devices are being trusted for their incomparable wear life, and minimal maintenance.

Rubber screens have proven to be very effective in combating wear. Generally, our wire cloth rubber screens outwear longer. In addition to the superior wear-life, rubber screens substantially reduce noise levels.

Rubber conveyor drums

We offer rubber conveyor drums/pulleys of a wide range of size and types of finishes: smooth or rubber coated.

The rubber coated ones are used for lining the end drive, and for deflecting the drums of belt conveyors in order to increase the frictional connection of the drums with rubber-textile or steel-cord rubber belt and to protect drums from pollution, wear-out and corrosion.and colors.

Rubber lining solutions

We specialize in providing top-notch rubber lining solutions for pressure vessels and storage tanks, offering unparalleled protection against highly corrosive chemicals and abrasive environments. Our rubberized T-knees, handles, and sheets are meticulously applied to the metal surfaces of vessels and tanks, ensuring exceptional resistance to corrosion caused by abrasive settings.We understand that each application comes with unique requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of rubber materials, including Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, Viton, Ebonite, Chlorobutyl, Bromobutyl, food-grade rubber lining, and Triflex rubber lining. Whether you need Neoprene or Ebonite lining, our materials come in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm, providing tailored solutions for your specific needs.



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