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  • Research and development
  • Laboratory testing
  • Compound development
  • In-house workshop
  • Production technology
  • Logistics
  • Custom orders

Research and development

Markets & Services Tehnoguma Industrial Rubber - Research

The main objective of our research sector is to provide a complete solution to the needs of our customers. That involves the development of innovative formulations based on different types of elastomers, the design and production of equipment and molds for the manufacturing of various rubber goods, the introduction of new technological regimes, and last but not least, research and introduction of new materials with increasing usage, such as those from renewable sources to diverse markets & services.

Laboratory testing

The activity of our own laboratory is extremely important for the progress of the company. Our laboratory is equipped to run tests on the properties of newly developed rubber compounds and innovative products at every stage of their creation. This is the place where the quality of already established and serially produced rubber products is confirmed. The modern apparatuses at the laboratory allow us to monitor some of the following properties of the rubber compounds and products we make:

  • Rheological properties – Mooney viscosity, Scorch safety time, etc.
  • Curing characteristics – ML, MH, TS2, T90
  • Cross-link density of the vulcanized rubber materials
  • The density of the raw rubber compounds and vulcanized materials
  • The hardness of the vulcanized rubber materials
  • Mechanical properties of the vulcanized rubber materials – stress at 100%, 200%, 300% elongation, tensile strength, tear strength, elongation at break, residual elongation, etc.
  • Abrasion resistance of the vulcanized rubber materials
  • Compression-set of the vulcanized rubber materials at different temperatures
  • Accelerated aging and heat resistance of the vulcanized rubber materials

All analyses are carried out according to the standards adopted, ISO, DIN, ASTM, etc.

Markets & Services Tehnoguma Industrial Rubber - Laboratory

Compound development and mixing facility

Markets & Services Tehnoguma Industrial Rubber - Compound Development an Mixing Facility

The ability to investigate, develop and produce rubber compounds in-house has been the core of our success. Our engineers will create a rubber compound formulated based on the specification(s) of your material, viewing the application of the final product, testing and performance standards. Providing an adequate combination of experience and expertise, we support our customers in finding the right concept for creation of the rubber compound they need.

The production process at TEHNOGUMA – Nikolov, relies on equipment for mixing of black and colored rubber compounds. There are two types of classic equipment for rubber compound production in our company: an open rubber mixer (rollers) and internal rubber mixer. This equipment facilitates the production of high-quality rubber compounds based on the most widely used elastomers, e.g. NR, BR, SBR, EPDM, IIR, NBR, CR, QR, FKM, PU, etc.

In-house workshop

The in-house workshop is responsible for several aspects of our production activity. First of all, that is the department where the vulcanization matrices (molds), required for the production process, are designed and constructed for different markets & services. Namely, here we construct the various molds for conventional compression press vulcanization or molds for injection molding vulcanization of standard rubber compounds, as well as matrices for injection molding of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV). The design of such equipment is via a modern software (3D CAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.) using precise CNC machines.

Secondly, this department is responsible for the accuracy of the equipment used in the production process.

Production technology

We employ traditional methods from the rubber industry to produce our goods, specifically utilizing compression molding, transfer molding, and injection molding and go beyond meeting the standards of different markets & services. To facilitate these processes, we rely on top-notch equipment sourced from reputable companies like RPM Mach, REP International, LWB Steinl Machinery, AW Machinery, and others. Our equipment includes the following machines:

Compounding machines

  1. Internal rubber mixer – RPM Mach, capacity 35 liters;
  2. Rubber two roll mixing mill – RPM Mach

Equipment for vulcanization process

  1. Compression molding press, 4000 kN, plate dimensions 1200×1600;
  2. Compression molding press, 4000 kN, plate dimensions 1700×1500;
  3. Compression molding press, 1600 kN, plate dimensions 700×700;
  4. Compression molding press, 1100 kN, plate dimensions 400×400;
  5. Injection molding press. LWB Steinl Machinery, 4000 kN, plate dimensions 630×800, capacity 4000 cm3.
  6. Injection molding press. LWB Steinl Machinery, 2900 kN, plate dimensions 560×630, capacity 2000 cm3.
  7. Injection molding press. LWB Steinl Machinery, 1600 kN, plate dimensions 500×510, capacity 1000 cm3.
  8. Injection molding press. LWB Steinl Machinery, 1100 kN, plate dimensions 400×500, capacity 1000 cm3.
  9. Injection molding press, REP

Final product treatment

  1. PUMATECH machine ensuring the process of removal of excess flashes from the rubber products after vulcanization.

Mold and tool workshop

  1. DMG Mori CNC milling machine.


The logistics department is the backbone of our operations, managing the smooth flow of goods across the supply chain. Responsibilities include procurement, transportation, distribution, and inventory management. Leveraging technology for efficiency, the team ensures timely delivery, optimal resource utilization, and high standards of accuracy in shipping processes.

Custom orders

We understand that unique needs demand tailored solutions. Our ‘Options for Custom Orders’ empower you to shape products that precisely fit your requirements. Choose from a spectrum of materials, sizes, colors, and specifications. Whether it’s custom rubber rings, disks, or any other product, we are here to bring your vision to life. Partner with us for a seamless customization experience that meets your exacting standards. Contact our team to discuss your bespoke order and discover the endless possibilities.


Our product range covers a large variety of markets:

  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulic
  • Scientific
  • Food processing
  • Retail
  • Print
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Food Contact



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