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by Tehnoguma.

In the industrial field, ergonomic rubber mats play a vital role in supporting employees. These unassuming mats provide a comfortable and resilient surface, relieving the physical strain of prolonged standing. Beyond offering comfort, they act as silent protectors against workplace fatigue by absorbing shocks and impacts, fostering energy efficiency and sustained focus. In dynamic spaces like assembly lines, their anti-slip features boost safety and efficiency, ensuring stability during fast-paced tasks. Additionally, these mats contribute to a quieter ambiance by reducing noise and establishing a work environment where well-being and productivity seamlessly come together. Take a look at our range of Ergo tech products:

  • Non-slip floor mats
  • Drainage floor mats
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats
  • Agricultural floor mats
  • Farm sheets
  • Custom ergonomic mats

Non-slip floor mats

Our non-slip floor mats are crafted to prioritize safety and stability in every step. Engineered with a premium rubber base, these mats ensure a secure footing, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Durable, easy to maintain, and designed for longevity, our non-slip mats are the ideal choice for enhancing safety and comfort in any space.

Drainage floor mats

Our rubber-based drainage floor mats combine durability and functionality, offering a slip-resistant surface with efficient drainage capabilities. Ideal for various settings, these mats enhance safety, provide anti-fatigue benefits, and are easy to clean.

Anti-fatigue floor mats

The ergonomic floor mats are made up from anti-fatigue foam rubber, offering relieve of the foot and back pain caused by standing at your working place. The Ergonomic floor mats can be produced in different sizes and shapes depending on the customer request.

Agricultural floor mats

Our agricultural floor mats are built to withstand the rigors of farm life, providing reliable insulation, traction, and protection for both livestock and equipment. Whether you need mats for barns, stables, milking parlors, or feed areas, we have you covered with durable solutions that stand up to the demands of the agricultural environment.

Custom mats

If there is a rubber mat you had in mind, but you cannot find it listed among our products, do not worry! We have been to various ergo tech products and we also produce custom rubber mats that can meet all of your requirements. Please contact us and let us know what you need so we can give you a quote.



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