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Rubber engineered for automotive mastery.

In the automotive industry, rubber products i.e. auto tech products such as sealants and technical components play vital yet often overlooked roles. Rubber sealants act as guardians, forming impermeable barriers against moisture and dust to preserve the integrity of vehicle components. Meanwhile, technical rubber products, from precision gaskets to resilient bushings, contribute to the efficiency of automotive systems. Gaskets ensure leak-proof seals in critical areas like the engine, while bushings dampen vibrations in suspension systems, sustaining the operational harmony of the vehicle. Beyond these, rubber products extend their influence, enhancing safety, efficiency, and comfort in various automotive functions. Within our Auto Tech products category, we produce:

  • Rubber sealants
  • Technical products
  • Custom rubber parts

Rubber Sealants

We offer premium quality sealants which are widely used as efficient, cost-effective sealing elements with a great range of application. Upon request we supply elastomer compounds with parameters tailored specifically to meet the particular requirements of the customers.

The sealants should meet several norms set by the requirements established for such applications:

  • Low compression set
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good liquid resistance (oil, water, petrol, acids etc.)
  • Resistance to a wide temperature range
  • Long durability life

We have extensive experience in delivering sealing elements to a wide range of industries like automotive industry, oil and gas, chemical processing industry and various industrial uses. Sealing elements can be produced in both standard and custom sizes.

Technical Products

Being well-experienced in the production of rubber compounds for industrial applications, we are able to provide you both with standard goods for industrial application and with specific ones that must meet unique requirements such as low compression set, high abrasion resistance, good resistance to chemical liquids, wide operating temperatures, etc.

Custom Parts

If there is a rubber product you had in mind for the automotive industry, but you cannot find it listed among our products, do not worry! We also produce custom parts that can meet all of your requirements. Please contact us and let us know what you need so we can give you a quote.



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