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Tehnoguma Dooel is specialized for rubber coating of rollers that find wide usage in various industrial fields.

Primary characteristics of the rubber coated rollers are:

-rubber hardness from 40 to 95 Sh A
-resistance to different media effects
-resistance to wearing
-operating in different chemical and technological conditions
-rubber coat is resistant to temperatures below 250'C

When building up rollers we use the following elasthomeric-based components:

  • NR
  • SBR
  • NBR
  • HNBR
  • EPDM
  • CSM
  • Q
  • CR rubbers.

Depending on the applied material,the ready coats are resistant to temperaturerange of -20'C to +200'C at load of 110[kgf/cm'2] as well as to acids,bases,oil and petrol derivates,ketones and acetates.

The usage of the rollers in industry by fields is:

Printing Industry

Rollers for paint addition,hand-over,wetting,cashier,lacquering,hot-melt coating and foiling.

Paper Industry

Front rolls,register,film,felt guide,pressing,tensioning(spiral),gluing,paper guide,forwarding,counter press rolls.

Plastic Processing

Foil forwarding,convex,pressing,surface treating,inking,ink forwarding,laminating rolls.

Textile Industry

Mercerising,washing press,inking,pressing,tensioning,curved guide rolls.

Leather Industry

Dewatering,cutting,meat removing,grinder supporting,separating and deffating rolls.

Metal Processing Industry

Pickling, puller,stretch rolling,de-oiling,supporting,foil mounting,printing and lacquering rolls.

Woodworking and Furniture Industry

Feeding,contact grinding,supporting,gluing,lacquering and guide rolls.

Mining Industry

Conveyor rollers,braking rolls.

Miscellaneous Fields of Industry

Tension and fordwarding rollers,roller conveyors,conveyor-drive and turning rolls,rubber coated wheels,wheels,rollers and he rolls of bailing machines.

Tehnoguma Dooel also provides the following services

Manufacture of complete rolls
Repair of metal body
Special surface finish
On-site advisory activities
Testing the effect of the applied chemicals
Collective transport of rolls


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