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Our production programme contains also some other sorts of products,as:

Pressed rubber technical goods

Pressed rubber technical goods occupy a considerable part of our assortement,finding most different usage in industry,ship-building,mining and transportation.

This articles can meet different requirements:high elasticity properties, min. permanent set, max. resistance to aggresive mediums(oils,greases,solvents,ozone,acids,bases,etc), resistance to low and high temperatures,max. tighteness,resistance to wearing,tearing,etc.

On customer's request the Quality Report for this products can be forwarded,as well.

Special programme comprises products where the bond rubber-metal (iron, aluminium, brass, galvanized, nickel etc) is achieved.
Characteristics and quality:

Resistance to mechanical effects (tear, bending, tensile stress, abrasion, vibrations etc),weather fastness, resistance to different media effects(acids ,bases, greases, oils, petroleum products, electrolytes etc)

Operating temperature from -70'C to +120'C

Rubber hardness 40 to 90 Sh A

Industrial rubber coating

Rubber protection of metal ensures durability,endurance and provides incomparably longer life which enables significant savings in energy and time.

Tehnoguma Dooel perfoms rubber coating of different vessels and parts of processing equipment such as:

  • Changeable parts for mining
  • Vessels for chemical industry
  • Rotors and stators
  • Cyclones and flanges
  • Changeable rubber parts for cyclones

Tehnoguma Dooel also produces:
  • Rubber parts on special customer' s request ,according to scheme given in advance
  • Piping strings,with different diameter sizes:
F 50 F 160
F 75 F 200
F 110 F 250
F 125 F 315
  • Rubber buffers
  • Sponge rubber
  • Innerubber for vilcanisates
  • Sealing elements,bumpers
  • All-rubber sealants,bumpers
  • Rubber-textile sealants,bumpers
  • Rubber-metal sealants,bumpers
  • Rubber rollers for all types of spinning machines, flyers, drawing machines, high-tech. grinded and polished, with nice surface configuration and antistatic characteristics,which fill up the strictest quality and durability requirements.This rubber rollers are produced in two types-opened or closed,in different sizes per customerís request.


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